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Director of Operations 

Jasper Jeffery

Jasper conceptualises issues at a macro level and translates these issues into actionable plans to then execute the plans to deliver results. Establishing and executing end-to-end supply chain and procurement strategies across regions and functions. Taking responsibility for the development and implementation of multidisciplinary services and project management, enabling J.B. Atlas to effectively build a complete import program for developing new ranges and markets to drive EBITDA growth.

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Director of Sales

Matthew Bullman

Matthew engages with prospective clients managing relations and outreach as well as helping our existing clients gain access to our exclusive service. He takes an active role in business development which focuses on nurturing a sustainable business structure that allows for all of our clients to have the ability to scale up to any order size and frequency. This is all whilst sticking to the organisation's fundamentally principle of providing a transparent world-class service.

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Director of Strategy & Transformation

Ted Bristow

Ted plays a pivotal role in guiding and shaping the strategic direction and transformation initiatives of the organization.  This primarily involves offering data driven advice on investment decisions and overseeing their success.  He fosters innovation and enables business decisions to build resilience and adaptability across the Supply Chains and Markets we operate in. He ensures that J.B. Atlas' strategic goals align with its long-term vision. 

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Research Analyst

George Stratford

As a Research Analyst George researches, compiles, and analyses information on global shipping routes and supplier market conditions to identify current supplier and middle manager performance. This allows for J.B. Atlas to understand global supply opportunities as well as areas of negative downturn, which enables the organisation to mitigate risk through allocating our investments accordingly.

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Client Relations Executive

Charlotte Webber

Charlotte acts as a point of contact and support for both internal and external clients, always striving to ensure that our service is delivered to the highest standards. Assisting clients on a wide variety of queries, providing guidance and support and building rapport to encourage strong working relationships, whilst monitoring and managing key data for the company.

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Geopolitical Risk Analyst

Daniel Luedicke

As a Geopolitical Risk Analyst Dan provides strategic advice to J.B. Atlas on the ways in which national and international developments may affect their business, markets and clients.  His analysis of international affairs allows us to effectively interpret the linkages between global, regional and national events and organisations’ commercial objectives. 

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Techology Consultant

Oliver Bullman

Oliver focuses on the improvement of analytics & innovation functions for B2B industrial distributor growth. Managing projects from concept to completion, where he has applied his skills in designing digital strategies, demonstrating outstanding communication skills, adaptability and being a transformational leader.

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3PL Sales Executive

Chloe Davies

As a 3PL Sales Executive, my role is pivotal in extending the reach of our optimized 3PL services to businesses aiming for logistical excellence. With a focus on identifying potential clients and nurturing lasting professional relationships, I contribute significantly to our growth journey. Through insightful market research, engaging client outreach, strategic relationship building, and an in-depth understanding of industry dynamics, I actively participate in our mission to expand clientele, enhance operational effectiveness, and revolutionize the logistics landscape.

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Sales Executive

Alex Enderby

As a Sales Executive, I am responsible for researching and identifying potential clients who would benefit from our consultancy or outsourcing services. Through building and maintaining professional networks, I am able to establish valuable relationships and expand our reach. To ensure our services remain competitive, I continually research and analyse sales options, staying up-to-date with industry trends and competitors. By identifying opportunities for improvement, I am able to tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each client and enhance their overall experience.

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Financial Consultant

Harry Martin

As the Financial Consultant at J.B. Atlas, I leverage my unique background as both a qualified lawyer and accountant to ensure our financial operations run seamlessly. With a rich five-decade career, spanning roles as a barrister in Northern Ireland to an accountant for the EU, I bring a depth of expertise and perspective to the table. My experience in managing and advising high net worth individuals and aristocrats gives me an edge in understanding the intricacies of our diverse client base, especially given J.B. Atlas's multifaceted offerings in logistics, digital marketing, and website acquisition. My aim is to keep the financial pillar of J.B. Atlas robust, ensuring our clients receive unparalleled service in every interaction.

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Client Relations Executive 

Carol McMillen

As the Client Relations Executive at J.B. Atlas, I serve as the main point of contact between our esteemed clients and our team. My focus is ensuring a seamless experience across our 3PL and digital marketing services. I'm always here to address any client queries, aiming to build and maintain strong, lasting relationships. My commitment to excellence drives me to ensure the highest quality in our service delivery, and I take pride in overseeing vital company data to further enhance client satisfaction.

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